Last Rape:

RICHARD RAMIREZ a part of numerous projects. Founder of the Texas noise group, BLACK LEATHER JESUS. Owner/Operator of Deadline Recordings (H Series/Dead Audio Tapes/Room 2A) and Next Halloween label. Also involved with select projects including: An Innocent Young Throat-Cutter, Werewolf Jerusalem, Fouke, Nuits Rouges, House of the Black Death, The Girl in the Wooden Horse Torture, S-21, Blackout Order, and others.

SEAN E. MATZUS Founder of the label, Unlimited Drift Recordings and Next Halloween label. Also a part of the projects: Tsalal, Black Leather Jesus, Red Hook, [Untitled], Thewhitehorse, A Week of Kindness, The Secret Geography, Bog Queen, All of Them Witches, Viking Movement, and others.

Last Rape formed in 1995.