Maimed Left Arm (tape)
Spit or Swallow (tape) with Manplug.
The Third Leg (cdr)
Crystal Plumage (cdr/tape)
Tempered Intercourse (cdr, edition of 1)
The Rape After/The Devil with 7 Faces (2-cdr set)
The Wife Treatment (cdr/tape)
Torso (cdr/tape)
Blood & Black Lace (cdr)
Death Knocks Twice (cdr, edition of 1)
Last Rape (cdr/tape)
Suspected Death of a Minor (mp3 file, free download)
Black Belly of the Tarantula (cdr)
La Ragazza Che Sapeva Troppo (tape)
The Girl in Room 2A (tape)
Deadly Sweet (tape)
Last Rapist on the Left (3-tape set)
Collaboration (tape) with Bizarre Uproar.
Col Cuore in Gola (tape)
Maimed Left Arm (cd) reissue
Body Puzzle (cdr)
Split (LP) with Alo Girl.
Malocchio (3-tape/tshirt set).
Split (tape) with Rack.
Sweets from a Stranger (7inch EP).
Split (cd) with Pollutive Static.
Split (2-tape) with Oblive.
In the Folds of the Flesh (2-tape).
I Suspect that This Shall Too Require a Stern Talking To (tape) split with Torturing Nurse.
Untitled (tape) split with Rough Sex Quartet.
Nightmare Rendezvous (3"cdr).
Split with Hogra (tape).
The Ripper In Black (tape) collaboration with Forced Orgasm.
A Rendezvous with Death (tape).
Rendezvous 2005-2008 (8-cdr box set collection).
Split with SIDS (tape).
99 Women (tape).
Naked You Die (download)
In Life We Beg for Perverse Kindness (tape).
In Giallo (various artists with AIYTC, Black Day for the Ram, and Knife of Signora. tape)
Total Terror! (vinyl LP)
The Outing (live download album)
Silent Scream (tape)
Montecassino (3-tape set)